Freedom Evangelism has a vision to train and send out field evangelists with basic funding so that they can focus on their work without the distraction of having to raise support.

Our methods will seek to secure true conversions to Jesus Christ and not just religious professions that have no depth. What that means is we do not train with common method of the sinner's prayer and accept Jesus message. We believe the ground of the human heart must be plowed up and turned over with the sword of the Spirit that reveals its true thoughts and intents and exposes its guilt of sin.

​If you feel called to preach but have been rejected by church after church where you are expected to just warm a pew, you may be one of the people we are looking for. Does the fire of God burn in your chest? Do you have a zeal and passion for God? Are you looking for training so you know how to fulfill your call and are you looking for a place that will receive your gifting and calling? There are many places and opportunities that you may not have considered where you could do what God has called you to do. The Holy Spirit wants to anoint you and to train you to be effective in going out into the fields to bring the harvest of souls that is right in front of our eyes. 

We will using the methods of evangelism used by the preachers in America's Second Great Awakening in the 19th century. We believe the revivals that spawned from their work are a good pattern to follow. False conversions and adding unconverted sinners to the church roles does not do anybody any good. Many evangelism methods used today do that very thing. For that reason evangelism itself has earned itself a bad name among many pastors. We assure you that our methods will be effective and will transform your church. As an evangelist you will want to add gold, silver and precious stones to the grand edifice of the universal church and not the wood, hay, and stubble which will necessarily be burnt off when the fires of the day of testing come. 

Churches and Pastors
When FE first started we thought that we would be working with churches to help them evangelism and bring in new converts. There are a lot of people out there that claim to evangelize and they just end up causing difficulties. The evangelists we train will need to find a sponsoring church or individual in the region or regions they will be laboring. The purpose of the church or individuals will be to provide room and board along with transportation costs and media costs if possible. FE will then provide the monthly income/stipend for the evangelist's support so the church is not burdened with that. Some pastors prefer to handle evangelism in house with their own staff. They do not trust para-church ministries. We hope they will discover the advantage of having an outside ministry working with them to help them achieve their goals in the Great Commission and church growth.  

It is our goal to work with churches and pastors to find a good fit for our services. In doing so we try not to offend the doctrinal positions of the church and to work within those parameters. Initially there will need to be meetings to discuss what that is and how that can be done. We are always optimistic that brothers can labor together for the building of God's kingdom by securing the salvation of souls. 

When we have evangelists trained then we will need churches or individuals to provide room and board to the evangelist in the region he/she decides to labor. For that reason we are always looking to make new contacts with disciples, churches, and pastors and elders in different communities. Currently, our focus is Reno, Nevada and if you are in a church in the Northern Nevada Region we want very much to get to know you. 

When conversions are secured, we will be looking for "safe" churches to send these people. The list above contains a list of churches that we consider to be safe. Those on our list are Bible believing churches with pastors with a good shepherd's heart and people in the congregation with love and caring compassion. If you are not on that list, please contact us so we can put you there. Of course, we will need to spend some time with you and get to know you.


1000 Bible Way #60, Reno, Nevada 89502
This will be our training location. 
Training Hours starting September 5, 2022

Call for training times. We will hold training according to your schedule!

Bible Way is one block East of Terminal Way and Mill Street. The building is on the East side of the street. Our office is on the North side of the building. If parking is limited then park on the South side and walk through the building

Recommended Church List for new converts:
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