Below is a list of the Free Evangelists who are available to come to your community. There is a short bio on each evangelist. Call or email our office for more information on the Evangelists listed below to reserve a time for an Evangelist to come to your Church or Community.

Cliff Nellis is the training Evangelist and head of Freedom Evangelism. He has been a faithful Christian since 1970. God recently called him out of the business world into an Evangelism ministry and gave him a vision for supplying workers into the harvest.
Brad Drake was our first Evangelist in training in 2014. Brad has experience in computer technology and various other skills. God put it on his heart to share the gospel with others and has been learning rapidly and gaining confidence and skill sharing Christ. Brad has developed a vision for an organization called "Witness America" that shows Christians how to organize activities that reach out to the community to show that we Christians are just normal people and not religious prudes. His first activity was clay shooting in the Virginia Range where many Christians and non-believers attended.
Freedom Evangelism is a 501 C-3 Non profit Nevada corporation registered with the IRS as a legal tax deductible organization. Donations made to Freedom Evangelism are tax deductible for income tax purposes. Check with your accountant for details.

Anthony is our evangelist in Southern California in a town called Hemet. He is very dedicated and works on the street 3 plus hours a day and also ministers to the poor. Cliff met Anthony in 2021 and started mentoring him and teaching him. Anthony was already a disciple but was only about 9 months old in the Lord. He is an example of how a person can mature spiritually very rapidly if given the right doctrinal foundation. We look forward to revival in Hemet through his labors. 
David joined us and he is an experienced street evangelist who has been laboring for the Lord a long time. David is an expert in dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses. We see JWs working the streets and the campus in Reno like it was a full-time job for them. If only the true church would be as dedicated.