Our mission is to provide support for Evangelists to operate in their calling without having to be side tracked by working a secular job to support themselves. We feel that it is hard to focus on two jobs and be effective.

Your donations are effectively used to provide the maximum effect. Our Evangelists are paid a $1000 a month stipend as free agents. We do not pay for expenses which is why we ask churches and individuals that call them to pay for their transportation and room and board costs. Our Evangelist's pay is desinged to be a poverty level pay on purpose. One of our primary objectives is to minister to those in poverty and to do that effectively the Evangelist needs to be living at the same level of those he/she ministers to.

Do you ever wonder how the money you donate to religious organizations is used? Many have million dollar budgets. If we had a million dollar budget then we would be funding 1000 Evangelists who would be out in the field working for the Lord. Just think of how much good your donation will  be doing.

Our Evangelists are well trained in our training program. They are also supervised to make sure they are laboring a minimum amount of time. They are all hard workers that go above and beyond. In order to pass our training program they need to show the highest integrity and willingness to sacrifice. The low pay is a disincentive for self-serving persons so we think you will be impressed at the humility and dedication to the cause of Christ our Evangelist will display. 

The calling church or individuals will report to the Evangelist managers weekly so that we can make sure they are effectively producing results in your church or community. Our Evangelist are not allowed to ask for money or material items. They are required to abide by a strict moral code. They will be displaying the virtues of a life of poverty and sacrifice. 


Most of our money is forwarded to our Evangelists. We do not pay for employment benefits since they are independent agents. Their stipend is all they have to live on unless they have other means of support like personal savings, etc. 

We do not pay for supplies except for some printed materials. Most supplies will be donated by calling churches and individuals. 

Managerial staff cannot be paid more than two times (2.5X) the Evangelist's stipend. No benefits are paid for managerial staff to maximize our effectiveness with our donations. 

Donations can be made by mailing a check to:
Freedom Evangelism
1000 Bible Way Suite 60
Reno, Nevada 89502

We are working on setting up credit card acceptance which will be available soon

Freedom Evangelism, Inc has full disclosure policy. we will not hide from the public our books. Our current monthly income and expenditures will be given to any donor who requests the information.