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​Welcome to our videos and teachings page. These videos are teachings by Cliff Nellis that will help you come out of some of the false teachings commonly taught in churches. When you come out from under those false teachings you will have a better understanding on how to evangelize effectively and bring people to a true salvation/conversion experience. 

Listen to these videos and they will help you change your theology to the Apostles doctrine of the New Testament, which is critically important to your success as an evangelist. 

Freedom Evangelism Introduction
The vision and methods of Freedom Evangelism

Repentance Explained 
This Video will explain what true repentance is. Many people teach that repentance does not mean to stop sinning. This video will show you what the Bible says.

Half Gospel or Full Gospel? The Resurrection
What is commonly taught in modern churches is just a half gospel. Find out in this video what the full gospel is.

​Faith for Salvation. What is it?
Churches teach that God gives you faith. Is faith a gift or is it something you choose to practice? 

Is Holiness Possible
We are taught that we can't stop sinning. Is that true? Is it possible to be holy?

Does God's Law Apply to Christians?
There are many misconceptions about God's law in relation to the Christian. 

Is Doctrine Important or Not?
People say doctrine causes division and doesn't matter. Is that true? What does the Bible say about its importance and what does it do?

The Judgment seat of Christ. Rewards only?
We have been taught that the "Bema" judgment seat of Christ is for rewards only and no punishment. Find out why that is not true.

Fruit Bearing
What is fruit bearing? What does it mean when the Bible talks about it? Is it required for heaven?

The Two Things that Block Revival
Some people like to talk about how revival is coming soon but that won't happen until the two things that block it are removed.

The Right Interpretation of Romans 7
There are two primary interpretations of Romans 7. One is right and one is totally wrong. 

Real Justification
What does Justification by Faith mean? Is it "Positional" only as taught or is it "Actual and Real?"

The Two Great Excuses for Sin
Christians often make excuses for their sin. What are the two main ones?

The Two Churches of the Last Days-The Bride and the Harlot
The Bible predicts that there will be two primary types of churches in the last days before the coming of Jesus. Which type is your church?

Are Christians Still Sinners?
It is often taught that Christians are still sinners. Does the Bible really teach that?

How the Modern Gospel Contradicts the Six Foundations of Hebrews 6
Does popular gospel match what the apostles taught? This video will show how it contradicts them on the six foundations and the primary goal Paul mentions in Hebrews 6:1-4

Apostles. What are the signs of a True Apostle?
There are many who are claiming to apostles. What does the Bible say are the signs of a true apostle? See why most who claim that title are not.

The Truth about The Sabbath Day
Do you hear people arguing that you have to keep Saturday as the Sabbath? This video explains what the real doctrine of the Sabbath is. It will help you understand how you can keep the Sabbath and still go to church on Sunday.

The Primary Goal of the Apostles
What was the primary goal of the apostle's teaching. What outcome were they seeking? How important was it to them.

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
What is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? What does the Bible say about it? There is a lot of confusion in the church and this should clarify things for you.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ
How the atonement really works and what Jesus really meant by "It is finished." Find out how your sins are forgiven and how salvation works.

Matthew 15-The Real Jesus, False Worship & Blind Leaders
Find out what Jesus was really like. This is a surprising passage that reveals how tough he really was. He derides the Pharisees for false worship, thinking saying a few words will get you off the hook and other errors.

This is an example of street preaching using a megaphone on a busy street at a stoplight. This is just one type of preaching. There are an infinite number of ways to reach people. Can you think of any?
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